A Poem About Craig Lutz's Social Media Persona

You have Twitter followers a plenty

Each time you retweet me I gain 20

Your Insta account is no slouch itself

So many likes when you pull a pic off the shelf

Your followers are all Texas youth

To figure this out, it doesn’t take a sleuth

The Lutz Grind crew may grow and grow

But for me I still just don’t know

What does it mean to truly grind?

And how do you get inside these teen’s mind?

You have a straight line to the high school runners brain

I don’t get it, it’s truly insane

Some of your tweets, seem a little rash

But the Texas youth picks em up like they’re straight cash.

I guess that’s what happens when you’re a high school champ

6 years later, you can use your name to start a running camp

Going to Texas probably didn’t hurt

That Flotrack connection apparently helps sell a t-shirt

Maybe someday the adolescent masses will love me too

Then I can tweet pics of my Fu Man Chu

In the meantime, please keep tagging me in stuff.

No matter how many followers you refer, it’ll never be enough.