Out My Front Door

Coffee has been drank

Black, strong, hot, energizing

Shoes double knotted


Door slams behind me

Heavy legs moving slowly

Up the slight incline


To the urban trail

Soggy from last night’s rain fall

A muddy gravel


Arizona Trail

Goes Mexico to Utah

Small portion today


Up to the mesa

Over to Buffalo Park

Down a long steep hill


Back onto the road

Decision time, where to go?

Right turn, northward bound


Mountains lie ahead

Mount Humphreys tall and snowy

It dauntingly looms


Sloppy single track

Trying to avoid puddles

Squish squish soggy socks


Chickadee trail

Left turn onto Quintana

Legs loosening up


It starts to drizzle

Heading West, to the highway

Passing big houses


Onto the bike path

Cars speeding by as I trot

The grade increases


Legs feel like anvils

Occupational hazards

Farther North, I go


This road, it goes to

Grand Canyon National Park

I turn left far short


I angle East on

The road to Elden Lookout

Small hill, feels big


A primitive road

Turning again, South, this time

Passing more mansions


Turn on Hattie Greene

A former workout venue

Slow running today


The road loops around

East, then South, back to the West

Sleepy little road


A gravel driveway

Passing private property

A dog is barking


Hopping through puddles

Another wet single track

Feet get soaked again


Back in Buffalo

Far side of the park, this time

Back through the middle


Out of the front gate

Opting for the road this time

Tired, almost home


Waiting for the light

Shortcut trail, bee line it home.

Getting hungry now


10.3 miles

An easy run, well kind of

Quick seat on the stoop


Stretched out, muddy legs

Tummy rumbles, breakfast time

First thing, more coffee