Off Course Mini- Sometimes it’s good to feel small

Quick Update- After a little break from blogging, and running, I am back. Today marks my first full week of running after a 2.5 week break following the end of my season at the Bolder Boulder. Those 2.5 weeks were spent drinking beer, eating baked goods, and doing shit I don’t really get to do during the season, like camp in the Tetons and hike 14,000 ft mountains. Sometimes people ask if my Mexican food consumption increases when I am taking a break from running. The answer is no. Breaks are for indulging and I don’t view Mexican food as an indulgence or a treat. But rather, I think of burritos as a fundamental piece of my life that helps to sustain my life force. Like how you have to charge your phone, but, like, burritos. Now, as I ease back into running, things are pretty low key. This week contains exactly zero doubles and zero workouts, which is 100% cool with me. It’s going to be the easiest month, training wise, that I have had since I broke my foot and had to take off 7 weeks back in the summer of 2015. The idea being that we have to fully recover from the last segment, and also recharge for what lies ahead. After this break, training will resume, and I will be building towards a Fall marathon that will be announced at some point in the future. I loved being tired and sore and grumpy and hungry and taking accidental 7pm naps last Fall so much that I decided it would be fun to do it again. I will be putting lots of miles in while wearing HOKAs as well as consuming just an unreasonable number of GU Energy Stroop Wafels. I think you would enjoy either or both of these things. Ok, on to the writing.

I’m gonna guess that most people who read my blog understand the concept of periodization, or at the very least, they’ve heard of it. Basically, the idea is, you can only be at 100% fitness for a short period of time so it’s best to structure training so that you can time that 100% fitness with the biggest events. That’s what I am going to write about today, kind of.

There’s a time to feel big and strong and powerful and meaningful and important. There’s a time to feel like what you’re doing is the most important thing in the entire world and exactly where you need to be in that exact moment. One such time that comes to mind is the start line of a marathon, or whatever big event you’ve been working toward. When you put a ton of effort into preparing something it’s good to feel powerful and strong.

But, at some point that stuff ends. Maybe for just a little while, sometimes for much longer, and when that happens it’s good to step back and realize that none of this really matters that much. I felt that last week when I was standing next to the Snake River in Wyoming in the middle of this abandoned dude ranch looking up at the Tetons. I felt tiny. Just so small and inconsequential compared to these old dilapidated cabins that had been built 90 years before I was born and would probably remain intact long after I have died. And then I looked up and saw the Tetons that stood for eons before the oldest person in the world was born and would remain majestic and toothy and massive for eons into the future. I felt like the life I am living is all pretty silly. And it is pretty silly. I travel from place to place around the country to run races and spread the good word of HOKA One One. It’s all so impermanent and transient. And that was a nice feeling, to feel small. In was nice to remove myself from social media and the quest for likes and follows and retweets and making everything seem good and important was easy (don’t worry HOKA I am back to caring about social media now (the Cavu is very comfortable, you guys!)). In fact, when I went to the Tetons, I updated my USADA whereabouts and then put my phone on airplane mode and only used it to take pictures of the trees and mountains and animals that didn’t know or care who I was.

I’m not lamenting my choice of profession, or the opportunity that I have to engage in it. In fact, now that I am back in Flagstaff and running again, I have started to feel bigger. It’s feeling important again, and that’s good. I like feeling big and strong and powerful and invincible, and I’m looking forward to whatever start lines I will find myself standing on in the near future. It’s good to feel big, but it’s also good to feel small, sometimes. See, periodization. Kinda.


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